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Lia Charlton Hotel Shenzhen is located in the central area of Nanshan Science and Technology Park, known as the Silicon Valley of China. It is adjacent to ZTE, Tencent, DJI, Lenovo and other hundreds of large-scale technology companies. It is located next to Shenzhen University and enjoys an excellent location and convenient transportation.

China Resources Vientiane World Shopping Center is within easy reach, and is close to the famous Shenzhen attractions such as Window of the World, Happy Valley, Splendid Chinese Folk Culture Village, OCT Creative Cultural Park, Shenzhen Bay Sports Park, Shenzhen Talent Park.

Jimeixuan Chinese Restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the hotel is mainly Cantonese cuisine, as well as popular molecular dishes, with exquisite products and sophisticated box design. The Cape Full-Day Western Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the hotel is mainly seafood buffet, fresh Delicious; Gemini coffee bar and lobby bar on the 1st floor of the hotel are full of mellow, hot and cold drinks and various pastries, which are very popular.
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  • c_meifeng
    Recommended recommended recommended, stay in the near future, selection criteria
  • james921
    More convenient location, new hotel, nice
  • alponso
    Tall and advanced
  • cat136cn
    Hotel facilities good, the environment is also good room full of light-the next time you have to choose
  • e02030857
    Really very good, very quiet around may white-collar holiday over the weekend, eight people and cars on the road around much, just a few minutes walk from the business district diet is very convenient for shopping, hotels and health service facilities are very good, very happy with it.
  • CapricornMY
    It is not worth the price! the road too noisy! really fried! quilt is too thick!
  • alanip
    Hotel is relatively new, in the science and Technology Park, very quiet, next time will come again
  • aapppat
    All aspects can be, satisfied
  • Gavin Song
    Air conditioning does not work, bath water is not hot and the water is very ... experience is poor.
  • aini19851314
    New hotel, decoration, service personnel are not very skilled, needs to be improved
  • srylin
    Nothing to say, they are good
  • ff521
    Disinfectant smell in the room was not, to put hot tap for a long time before it will be hot, I think it is a waste of water and environmental protection!
  • tobemia
    Very good, ideal for business travel, room was very comfortable and the environment is also good, left near the site to ensure travel and rest overall very satisfied with the hotel.
  • e01057818
    Very clean, sound is also very good. a day, slept soundly ... for those of us who drift around, feel at home.
  • e00057085
    Hotel is great, relatively new, in Shenzhen, the price is really good, and produced the hotel restaurant is also good, but partial provision is the location, next to is a company, is not too convenient for eating and shopping.
  • daisyguxin
  • difuping
    Hotel not really new feeling, in the industrial area in the CR Stadium very near, just to go to the concert. surrounding other facilities is not particularly convenient
  • leaonpeng
    Good hotel
  • OldPeters
    Slightly less places to eat around
  • Gill~~
    More comfortable
  • mama001
    Hotel parking very good and equipment sanitation are OK, surroundings are quiet, but the price is a little high.
  • babyl
    Which is very nice
  • clinfon
    Go to a park convenient, good!
  • gondor21485
    Not bad, around inconvenient.
  • cypjcdd
    Very good, very nice hotel, it is recommended to
  • ran yu
    Tencent meets, good location, reasonable price
  • E01141506
    New hotel, everything is good!
  • e03564307
    A very good environment
  • jessiexu_bj
  • E00868788
    Technology very thick atmosphere of the hotel, surrounded by ZTE, Skyworth, Lenovo, TCL, MINDRAY, such a large company, this hotel is enough praise
  • cassy
    New hotel, the environment is good, just a bit of decoration
  • genggeng
    Staying for the first time, we were impressed by the Assistant Manager Jiang Bo, steady, careful and patient. solves real problems for us, very good!! whole facilities are good, cost-effective, will stay again.
  • cly5103724
    First of all, location is very convenient, rooms spacious and clean. the hotel is very good, service very good, catering and entertainment, and so on are good. very good experience. will continue to stay next time.
  • Woo pickpocket edge; ^
    Friends of good
  • albee
    Clean and warm.
  • e00446970
    Very convenient, nice restaurant, very delicious.
  • e00000768
    Air conditioning noise
  • jwg572612
    Friends reception let us help set the response well, eat a lot of things, there is a lot of fun golf room, refer the customer to a level
  • baby711
    Travel to Science Park Hotel is really convenient, cross the street to the company! room French window nice! highly recommended!
  • e00031388
    Price OK, a bit expensive.
  • fanfanyu888
    It was a total disappointment for the stay at this hotel. The location is awkward, even taxi drivers was having difficulty in identifying the location. Upon arrival, the main entrance gate was blocked and the taxi has to drive around the building to enter from the back entrance gate and to make an awkward sharp turn to drive around to get to the hotel entrance door. Arrived at around 2:p.m. the registration procedure seemed to be smooth but nightmare started right there and then. I was told to hang around to wait for the room to be ready. The front desk officer made phone calls to the rooms department to find out the availability status of the room and told me every other 15 minutes that it will be ready soon. It was 3:00 p.m. that I asked to see the Assistant Manager on duty who apparently did not know what is going on. He tried to phone the rooms department again trying to figure out what's happening but without avail. Getting frustrated, I demanded to talk to the General Manager, who I eventually managed to talk to after repeated requests. I related the situation to the General Manager who immediately tried to size up the situation by making phone calls but without success again. So he disappeared to see what's happening and came back 15 minutes later and told me I could have my room then. It was past 3:30 p.m. after struggling to get into the room for more than one and a half hours despite of the fact that the reservation was made a day ago and got confirmed. The room was spacious but empty and hot. Turned on the air-conditioning for hours and one would still felt hot and humid. The temperature in the corridor was worst still though. There was no service directory nor any stationery for the guest to use. Very exceptional for a hotel which is new and supposed to be star rated as advertised. Trying to figure out how the light switches controlled the light was another adventure. The layout of the switches seemed to be a disaster - one would not know which was for which! Service was courteous but unrefined. When a fruit basket was sent into the room 2 hours after the General Manager offered as a gesture of their apology, it was without a fork and knife and napkin and plate as one would expected that should come with the fruit basket. The bedding was comfortable but the linens still smelled the irritating smell of a newly decorated room. It was a pity to see that a hotel built to such a high standard but the accomplishing services was so terrible. Furthermore, my room was on the executive floor but the floor had nothing that one would expect from an executive floor in a hotel. So why border to call it an executive floor?! Surely it would be a long way to go for the hotel to live up to its star rated standard.
  • jujubebao
    Happy, if one is included in the price already better, HA HA
  • baojianning
    Good good good
  • Baomin
    Hotel location away from friends home more near, he said new open of, I on set has. Hall is high-end, night back late has, open air conditioning on to wash has, temperature has been didn't down, I think new hotel air conditioning should didn't problem may need,. this first on to has midnight 12 points, temperature down to 28 degrees, is stand, call called has waiter. He to has Hou also no, called has maintenance master, toss has 20 minutes, during said has room, because is trapped of wants to sleep, but DivisionFu said fix has. now is at 1 o'clock in the morning 22. temperature 26 degrees. I really of think also is good hot Ah, sleep not with. a hours drop has 2 degrees, air conditioning of voice is not small. Alas, Hall so good, results rooms is such, good sweet Ah. corridor are than I is cool have more, if no luggage I on open door sleep has. a times depressed of hotel accommodation.
  • ad209
    Room was clean, tidy, facilities are complete Oh, waiter was very polite and friend very satisfied, very happy stay, booking this hotel again next time.?
  • bajiaowan
    The overall environment of the hotel, the rooms humble facilities, not even my towel. but the bed was good, sleep better. but comprehensive evaluation of low, should not choose to stay at this hotel again.
  • cyun1111
    It's not bad
  • luwei202
    Rooms have nothing to say, staff great, Jimei Xuan hotel breakfast nice, next time you come to Shenzhen, bound to live here
  • BladeXC
    Nice, very warm, very feel at home, with health services are very good, the room facilities were very new.
  • yanxijun
    Help customers book, new hotel smell of resin is heavy, open the window behind the building still under construction, for one night only and the