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Beijing: 76 scenic spots in the park can be booked, the maximum number of visitors stable control 60%

Date: 2021-08-13

On July 11, Beijing held the 238th regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control. At the press conference, Gao Dawei, Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Greening And Landscaping Bureau, reported: Except for some scenic spots temporarily closed due to the flood (27), more than 1,000 other parks and scenic spots are open to visitors. The management units have actively implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures such as park scenic spot booking, passenger flow control, staggered peak tour, civilized guidance and so on. At present, the overall passenger flow is controlled within 60%.

Strict passenger flow control measures. Beijing's open parks and scenic spots will control passenger flow according to 60 percent of the maximum instantaneous number of visitors and strengthen dynamic monitoring of passenger flow. When the number of visitors in the park reaches the maximum passenger flow, measures such as remote diversion, one-way tour and short time flow should be taken in time to avoid the phenomenon of crowded tourists.

Online booking of tickets for some parks and scenic spots. At present, 76 parks and scenic spots (39 parks and 37 scenic spots or scenic spots) are available for booking. Citizens can log on to the official website of the Beijing Greening and Landscaping Administration, or make enquiries and booking online through the wechat account of capital Greening and Landscaping.

Strengthen the management of entrance area. All parks and scenic spots should strictly carry out "Beijing Health Treasure" scanning code, temperature monitoring, one meter line queuing and scientific mask wearing reminder work. Tourists with red or yellow code are not allowed to enter the park. Groups from medium or high risk areas are not allowed to enter the park. Overseas tourists, tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan or foreign tourists living in Beijing for a long time can scan the code according to the "Health Kit" to check their Health status.