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The first Penguin themed resort hotel in Shanghai is expected to be delivered within 2024

Date: 2023-04-08

On April 7, according to the official account of "Haichang Ocean Park Information", the main building of the new theme hotel "Jinqiao Haichang Penguin Resort Hotel" jointly built by Haichang Ocean Park and Jinqiao Group, located in the pilot area of Lingang Comprehensive District, has been capped. Now it has entered the stage of secondary structure construction and is expected to be delivered in 2024. The hotel will be the first penguin theme resort hotel in Shanghai.

It is understood that the "Jinqiao Haichang Penguin Resort Hotel" is designed by Boston International Design Group and invested and constructed by Shanghai Jinqiao Lingang Comprehensive Zone Investment and Development Co., Ltd. The hotel is positioned as a parent-child hotel with ocean style and penguin theme, with a planned construction area of approximately 43000 square meters, including an aboveground construction area of approximately 30000 square meters.

The hotel building has a total of 10 floors, of which the 3-10 floors are guest rooms and can provide 372 vacation suites. Each floor of the guest room features a type of penguin as the theme element, such as Cliff Jumping Penguin, Hatband Enterprise, Emperor Penguin, King Penguin, etc., with tropical and frigid penguins as the two main directions, and warm and cool colors as the design of the guest aisle and bathroom.

In the future, with the completion of the Shanghai Haichang Phase II Oriental Ocean Project, the Haichang series hotel cluster will provide nearly 1800 nights of reception capacity for tourists in the Lingang New Area.